Growing in your faith is an essential part of the Christian journey. It’s been said that if you are not growing, you are dying. Scripture is constantly challenging believers that they must grow in their faith. For us at St. Paul UMC, growing in your faith means connecting to Jesus and committing to his way in every sphere of your life. It means being the person Christ would be if He lived your life. Growing in your faith can be a difficult and messy journey. It requires sacrifice and commitment. At the same time, there is no greater journey in life. As you grow into the image of Christ, you find fulfillment and joy like never before.  

At St. Paul UMC, we believe the best way to grow is to be part of a group and find community. A group is a community of people sharing life together, studying God’s word, applying it to their life, praying together, supporting each other, and finding a safe place to share the joys and struggles of life. According to the Bible, you can’t grow without a group. At St. Paul UMC, our ministries are completely focused on helping you find your community. 




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Let’s build something together.

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